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Here are some videos highlighting the life here at Conception Abbey.

Daily Rule

Each day the monastic community hears a section of the Rule of St. Benedict--the rule that informs us how to live as an extension of the Gospel.  Join us and listen to the wisdom of St. Benedict.



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Christmas Music-2

Here is the other piece of music we do for Christmas Eve:

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Altar and Home

Altar and Home was a publica­tion of Conception Abbey in the 1930s-1960s focusing on the lit­urgy and its relationship with the home. This series begins anew that same vision, on a smaller scale, of promoting both Altar and Home.

In the earliest days of the Church, the family home was the usual setting for the com­munal celebration of the Eucha­ristic liturgy. The faithful gath­ered as Church in the home of a neighbor, united in the Body of Christ by the bonds that had been formed through baptism. Strengthened by the sacraments and by the zeal of her members, the Church flourished and grew. Eventually, most family homes were too small to accommodate the large numbers participating in the saving mysteries of the Faith. It became necessary to use—or build—larger spaces for the cele­bration of the Mass. These Chris­tian temples, or churches, remain the ordinary locale for the altar of Christian sacrifice.



Christmas Music

Yes, I know that it is not Christmas nor is Christmas anytime soon.  However, I thought I would share these clips with you.  They are the two hymns that the monastic schola sings at night to awaken our brethren from sleep so that they can begin preparing for Midnight Mass.

This one is: Gloria in Excelsis



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